Superior Roofing Warranty Options

Superior Roofing understands the importance of protecting our customers investment.  We have several warranty options to fit your building needs.

Manufacturer’s Warranty  

  • Material Only Warranty  5, 10, 15, or 20 Year Warranties available
  • Labor & Material Warranty 5, 10, 15, 20, or 30 Year Warranties available

Superior Roofing Guarantee Program

Superior Roofing offers our own exclusive warranty program to our customers. This Guarantee Program offers our customers roof maintenance programs for extended warranty roofs. This program can be provided for up to 30 years.  It is unique in that every five years Superior Roofing will conduct a complete roof inspection.  We will provide a written result of our finding.  If there is no required maintenance and/or roof repairs we will forward an additional five year guarantee.  If there is any required maintenance we will explain and provide a cost.  If accepted we will complete the work and extend the Guarantee an additional five years.  The main benefit for using this guarantee is that your roof never goes more than five years without being inspected, prolonging the roof life.

If your roof is past its original manufacturers warranty and there is no room in the budget for a new roof system then give Superior Roofing a call. We will send a roof inspector at no charge to evaluate your roof. We will provide a scope of work to complete as well as extended guarantee options.